Tips To Help You Save at the Grocery Store

//Tips To Help You Save at the Grocery Store

Tips To Help You Save at the Grocery Store

If you feel like this kid when you see the cost of groceries you are not alone.  The rising cost of  food makes it difficult for many families to afford nutritious food.  Here are some tips we have come up with to help you reduce your grocery bill:

  • Incorporate meatless meals into your menu. Beans and lentils are packed with protein, fibre, b vitamins, and iron.  Legumes are more affordable – especially when you purchase dried rather than canned
  • Buy fruit and vegetables that are in season
  • Consider purchasing frozen fruit and vegetables when they are out of season
  • Chop and grate foods yourself
    • Buy a bag of whole carrots vs small bag of baby carrots
    • Buy a block of cheese and grate it yourself versus smaller, costly already grated bags of cheese
  • Buy larger packages rather than single serve
    • A large container of yogurt versus single serve multipacks
  • Plan ahead and use less tender (but more affordable) cuts of meat in stew and chili
  • Skip the pop aisle!
  • Eat before you shop. It is easy to buy things we do not need when we are hungry
  • Stock up on your favourite foods and basics when they are on sale. Caselot sales are a great way to save money on canned goods you use often
  • Check store flyers
  • Buy generic rather than name brand
  • Bring cash, and leave your debit card at home.
  • Use coupons… but only if you will actually eat or use the food
  • Gardening season is coming soon – experiment with growing your own vegetables

If you are struggling to afford food for your children and yourself there is help available through:

  • The Salvation Army
  • Society of St Vincent De Paul
  • The Women’s Contact Society

If you are someone who would like to help a family in need, donations to the above organizations are always appreciated.


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