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Program Description

Providing service to children from birth to six years of age to improve communication skills and/or oral motor skills.

Who can use this program?

  • Children birth to school age

How do I use this program? Do I need a referral?

Anyone may request service for a child (birth to 18 years) as long as the legal guardian is aware of the request.  The Intake Manager receives all requests and will contact you as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours).

What services are offered?

The CDC aims to meet your family’s needs by modeling activities and strategies to be used in your family’s daily routines.

Speech-language pathologists help with pronunciation; language comprehension and use; social communication; and voice, hearing or stuttering problems. Some of these concerns may include a child who:

  • is difficult to understand
  • is 15 months and not talking
  • does not seem to understand language
  • struggles with certain sounds or words
  • is embarrassed or frustrated when talking

Get in Touch

Please contact Coleen Onofrechuk CDC Intake Manager at 250.392.4481 ext. 208

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Where it Happens


Cariboo Chilcotin Child Development Centre
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