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Program Description

Interior Health Speech-Language Pathologists help families with children from birth to school entry with pronunciation, understanding of language, expression of language, social communication, voice, hearing or stuttering difficulties.

Some of these concerns may include a child who:

  • is difficult to understand
  • is 15 months to 18 months and not talking
  • does not seem to understand language
  • is 16 months and not pointing at objects
  • is embarrassed or frustrated when talking

Who can use this program?

Services are available for children from birth to the time they enter kindergarten and are offered FREE of charge.

How do I use this program? Do I need a referral?

You can refer your own child.  If you have concerns about your child’s speech and/or language, call and book a consultation with the Speech-Language Pathologist.  If you like, a doctor, public health nurse or another community professional can make a referral on your behalf.

What services are offered?

You can expect an initial appointment within a month of making a referral.  When you bring your child in for their appointment, the Speech-Language Pathologist will meet with you and your child for approximately one hour.  In that time, the therapist will speak with you, the parent, and observe your child’s communication skills in a stress-free play environment.

Recommendations for what you can do at home, future treatment options and community resources will be discussed.

Some resources you may want to look at include:

Interior Health Speech and Language

Speech-Language & Audiology Canada

BC Association of Speech/Language Pathologists & Audiologists

Teach me to Talk

Speech and Language Kids

Get in Touch

Call 250-302-5030 to book an appointment.

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