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Program Description

This is a free dental program and optional flouride varnish treatment, offered by a certified dental assistant and a registered dental hygienist.

Who can use this program?

All children ages 1 to 4 years old can access this free service.

How do I use this program? Do I need a referral?

This clinic is offered several times per month, by appointment.  A referral is not required, parents can call the Speech, Hearing and Dental clinic to book an appointment.

What services are offered?

This is a dental screening for parents with children 1 to 4 years of age.  The session is FREE and includes:

  • Learning about Early Childhood Cavities
  • Learning a technique for checking your child’s teeth
  • Counseling on dental behaviours that may put your child at risk.
  • A screening to see if your child would benefit from fluoride varnish applications.

All services are FREE.

Get in Touch

Please contact the Speech, Hearing and Dental Clinic at 250-302-5030, or 302-5000.

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