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Program Description

Healthy From The Start is a one stop shop that connects pregnant women with services in the community to help her have a healthy pregnancy. Register as early in your pregnancy as possible so that you can:

  • have questions answered and get important information
  • feel supported
  • get connected to services, such as support from a Public Health Nurse

Who can use this program?

All pregnant women are encouraged to contact Healthy From The Start early in their pregnancy.

How do I use this program? Do I need a referral?

Please fill out the secure Healthy From The Start form and submit it as early as possible in your pregnancy.  Once your form has been processed, a public health nurse will contact you to complete the screening questionnaire, answer your questions and get you connected with resources in your area.

You can also contact them directly, toll free at 1-855-868-7710.

What services are offered?

With Healthy From The Start families can receive information and support in a number of areas including accessing prenatal care, warning signs in pregnancy, mental health, relationships, breastfeeding, parenting and more. When a woman calls in, she will speak with a public health nurse who will complete a health screening questionnaire, provide valuable health information, answer questions and connect her with programs and resources available in her community.

Get in Touch

Staff is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm PST / 9:30 am to 5 pm MST. Our reception staff will gather some initial information from you and book an appointment with the public health nurse.

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Interior Health – Public Health
540 Borland Street, 3rd Floor
Williams Lake, BC
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