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Program Description

Affordable Child Care Benefit is a monthly payment to help eligible British Columbia families with the cost of child care.

Who can use this program?

There are 5 eligibility requirements for child care subsidy:

  1. Residency – The parent/Guardian must be a resident of British Columbia.
  2. Citizenship – The parent must be a Canadian citizen, a Permanent Resident of Canada, a Convention Refugee or a Person in need of protection.
  3. Eligible Child Care
    • a Licensed family home, group child care centre or preschool;
    • a Registered License-not-required home;
    • A License-not-required home or in the child’s own home
  4. Reason for Child Care – Parents must have one of the following reasons for needing child care:
    • employed or self-employed;
    • attending an educational institution or enrolled in distance education;
    • seeking employment or participating in an employment-related program (only one parent can be seeking employment);
    • have a medical condition that interferes with the parent’s ability to care for their child(ren);
    • have a child attending a licensed preschool;
    • have been referred by a Ministry of Children and Family Development or Delegated Aboriginal Agency social worker
  5. Income – The amount of subsidy is determined by the family’s total net income.

How do I use this program? Do I need a referral?

Complete an application and provide supporting documents (i.e. paystubs, identification etc) to confirm the eligibility requirements listed below.

What services are offered?

If you require assistance with Child Care Subsidy application form, please call the CCRR at 250-392-4118 or come in to the office at 51A Fourth Avenue South (Women’s Contact Society office).

Get in Touch

Toll free in BC 1-888-338-6622

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Where it Happens


For local information about Child Care Subsidy contact the CCRR:

51A Fourth Avenue South
Williams Lake, BC V2G 2V2